Call Transcripts Guide

First impressions are crucial for agents to capture the prospect and book the appointment!  Call Transcripts enables leaders to have impactful teach and train moments for their teams around inbound phone calls.



Date range: This will be the data range of inbound calls at the selected properties
Properties: Select the properties you want included in the report.  You can choose more than one. 



Property/Agent: This drill down will show the property as the overall row.  If you click on it, it will divide out the data by Agent owner of the prospect card. 
Caller: This is the name on the prospect card that called in and was transcribed.
Duration: How long the call was for. 
Date: When the inbound call was placed
Transcripts: Click this button to be brought to the Transcribe Breakdown

Actions: The first function is notes, where you can take notes on the call as you listen along.  The section item is bookmarking, which allows you to quick reference calls later on


Transcribe Breakdown

Agent: This is the owner of the guestcard

Prospect: This is the prospect card (hyperlinked) that the call was recorded on 

Date/Time: This is the date and time of the recorded call

Guestcard Status: This is the current status of that guestcard (found in the CRM)

Bookmark Call: This allows you to bookmark the call for faster reference later

Change Call Status: Use this function if you need to recategorize the call to a non prospect.  The menu items are the same as our Not A Prospect function within the CRM. Once marked as NAP, the data will be removed from this report 


Agent Actions Checklist

These are the intents from the Call Intelligence report indicating whether the leasing agent asked for this information. Green checkmark means the category was covered during the call.  Red X means it was not and could be a learning moment for the agent. 

  • Greeting - Did the agent make any identifiable introduction (e.g., providing name of agent or property, offering help, etc.)?
  • Name (Prospect) - Did the agent requested the name of the prospect?
  • Preferences - Did the agent ask for any of the following: Move Date, Budget, Pets, Occupants, Bedrooms, Lease Length, Floor Plan and Specific Needs. 
  • Prospect Info - Did the agent ask for any of the following information: Email, Phone and Employer. 
  • Prospect Interest - Did the call included one of the following agent-actions: Tour, Application and Move Reason.
  • Prospect Source - Did the leasing agent ask how the prospect heard about us? Including Marketing Source, Referral and Website.
  • Follow Up - Did the agent inquire for a follow up? 


Add Note allows you to make notes for future reference while you listen to the call.  This could be feedback or questions to ask the agent later.  


Speaker: Who was speaking at that time (Prospect or Agent)

Time: the time during the call the speaking occured

Transcript: The text processed from the call via Knock Call Transcripts

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