Embedding your Knockbot Contact or Scheduling Form

This article will explain how to embed your Knockbot Contact or Scheduling form. 

Embedding Instructions

  1. To start, you will need access to directly edit your HTML code for your website. If you have already inserted the Knockbot into your website, then you are just a few simple steps away from embedding either your contact or scheduling form as well!

    The first step will be to identify the Body of the site you want the embed to land on and, if you want to be quite specific, identify the element you want the embedded form to land on. Inside of that section of the code, which should have <body> in your code, you should place the div ID wrap. Everything between <body> and </body> contains the body section of your website.

    Here is an example:

    For coding example:


    <div id=fr347Jql2></div>


    It is not important what you put after id= as long as you match the case sensitivity and as long as it doesn’t already exist on your website. This needs to be a new and unique id.

  2. Once this is in the body of your website (or the specific element) we need to copy that ID and go to the admin dashboard of Knock to generate the specific code set to place in the head section of your website.

  3. Doorway > Scroll down to "Embedding Specific Doorway Page"


    1. Select customizations based on how you would like this to appear on your property website

      1. Knockbot page to display ||Determines which page of Knockbot will be displayed when you include the embedded code on your property website

      2. Show Knockbot as well ||if enabled, the Knockbot will appear (in bottom right of the browser) while simultaneously the chosen Knockbot page is enabled

      3. Container ID|| The ID of the html element inside of which the chosen Knockbot page will be embedded. For example, if the value here is "youcanputanythinghere" , then the Knockbot page will be embedded inside the html element that has the property is "youcanputaythinghere".

  4. You're personalized script has been created! Copy script

  5. Paste script in the "head" section of your property webpage

  6. All Set


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