Set Up Guide: Knock and MeetElise!

Knock® and MeetElise have come together to bring you and your prospects an even more seamless experience!


Each of your prospects that engage with MeetElise will be auto assigned to MeetElise within the Knock® guest card. Once a leasing agent interacts with that prospect, they can reassign the lead to themselves.


Let's get your new leasing agent set up.


Step 1:

Add MeetElise as an agent with your property management software


Step 2:

Add MeetElise as a user within Knock and assign MeetElise to each associated property

Step 3:

Map MeetElise to your PMS


Step 4:

Reach out to (support,csm) and ask for them to Select MeetElise for each associated property, under "Syndication"


Step 5:

Ensure self-scheduling is turned on and touring hours are correct in Knock® Admin under "Scheduling"


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