MeetElise - A Leasing Agent's Guide in Knock

Now that the powers of Knock and MeetElise have combined, learn how to maximize this in Knock to increase your leasing potential!


Step 1 - Prospect reaches out

  • Like with any Knock lead, Knock will create that guest card in Knock and queue it on the To-Do page.


Step 2 - MeetElise engages!

  • Elise will automatically engage with the prospect, answering questions and gathering more information. You will be able to see these interactions in Knock, as "Elise" is another agent!


Step 3 - Prospect schedules a tour

  • Elise will handle the tour requests and bookings for their prospects, including confirmation and tour details. All the communication will go through the guest card in Knock like any other appointment!


Step 4 - Pre Tour

  • All confirmations and appointment reminders will happen within Knock, whether it's prompted by Elise or by Knock's auto responders.


Step 5 - Tour

  • The tour will happen like any other. Knock will remind you it's coming up. If it's a video tour, you will open it in Knock. If it's self-guided, Knock will alert you on the calendar page.


Step 6 - Post tour

  • Elise will answer any addition questions for the prospect. All your favorite Knock tools like quotes and property links are available for them too!


Step 7 - LEASE!


All this happens in one central location within your Knock dashboard. And best of all, the data from these interactions is flowing into your favorite Knock reports.


Interested? Reach out to your CSM or Support to get started!

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