Knock AI Virtual Agent - A Leasing Guide

A.I. Voice (Virtual Agent) Video Walkthrough- watch here


Now that you have Knock's virtual agent enabled, what does this process look like for you?


Knock will create a user account for your virtual agent:

When a lead contacts the community there are two workflows that the virtual leasing agent can assist with.


First Line of Defense (Knock virtual agent - > Leasing team)

  • 100% of calls get answered during and after hours

  • Callers don’t have to wait for call to be “missed” by agents then sent to AI

  • Callers can ask for a human if needed

Last Line of Defense (Leasing team - > Knock virtual agent)

  • During business hours, the leasing team has the chance to answer the phone, but if missed, caller will flow straight to the virtual leasing agent

  • After hours calls will go directly to AI

  • Callers potentially have to wait for team to “miss” the call before being helped

  • Can only ring for 6-30 seconds before being transferred to AI

Any information that is collected from the call will be entered in the guest-card.

This can contain the following information:

  • Profile details (name/phone #)

  • Preferences


Further information required || Next Steps


If the lead ask to speak to the onsite leasing agent, the following workflow will occur.

The lead will be transferred over to the office and will appear on the knock dashboard as an inbound call.


The virtual agent will still populate all information gathered prior to transferring the call.


** If the onsite team is unavailable for the call- The guest-card will appear under "Needs first contact" with a status of "New" . Notifying the leasing team that the lead is requesting further assistance.

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