A.I. Voice Setup Guide

Here's a quick guide on setting A.I. Voice! 

From the admin dashboard, you can adjust the virtual agent's responses by selecting the "Virtual Agent" tab

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How to Add/Edit a Groupings "Responses"


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How to add a new response

If you have a new response that you would like the AI agent to use. This can be done by selecting the add group function from the response tab


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  1. Enter the Group Name you would like to reference for this response type.

  2. Select "Add Group"

  3. The new group you created will appear on the left-hand side under the category you selected

    Example: You can add information about a current leasing special in the Info - Specials section. Also, if there are existing specials already added in the Admin Dashboard in the Properties tab > Leasing > Leasing Specials, callers can expect to hear these when asking about Pricing and Availability.


How to Edit an existing response

  1. Select the response you would like to edit by selecting on the group name you would like to edit

  2. The voice response will populate for the select group

  3. Once you have made the edits, select "save"



Additional Options



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Voice Yes/No Question: If you would like the Virtual Agent to be able to send more information via SMS, this is a Yes/No question. The Virtual Agent will ask the prospect a question such as “Would you like me to text you a link to more photos?”

Note: Where AI SMS and AI Voice are both enabled, prospects will be informed they can also respond to the SMS messages.


Voice Response: This is the content that will be sent by SMS by the virtual agent to the prospect and will appear in the guest-card.
**Note that sending this text message does not require the prospect to be opted in to SMS. We are legally able to send “one-time” messages in response to a request from the prospect.


Test this Response

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When editing the content of a template, you can click on “Test this response” to be able to listen to how the Virtual Agent sounds when speaking the template. This helpful because you can test the impacts of template content choices, including wording choices, template length, and punctuation. You can also test various voices and talk rates. This helps ensure the Virtual Agent speaks and sounds as expected, without needing to push any changes through the system to do simple testing.

A few things to be aware of when using the Test Response listener:

  • The Response Text will be pre-populated with the existing template

  • Any dynamic fields that are pre-populated will not be “replaced” with backend data, so you’ll need to add in content to replace the dynamic field placeholder

  • Character and Talk rate do not pre-populate with saved settings currently, so these need to be manually updated when testing

  • Changes made to in the “Response text” box within the listener are NOT saved back to the template. If changes need to be made after testing, they need to be made in the main template editor.


Dynamic Field Tags
Dynamic Fields are similar to merge tags that are used in LMA quick replies, although they are implemented separately from merge tags on the backend.
As with merge tags, Dynamic Fields replace the variable name with property-specific content that is stored elsewhere in the platform. This makes it, so you do not have to create multiple templates if the only thing you want to change is property-specific information like the name, address, URL, etc.



Setup Shortcuts

This function allows shortcuts for Voice responses to be set up as chat and SMS responses also.

Voice AI shortcut.png

Edit Groups

This will allow you to select which response is associated to which community.


Here are the instructions:

  1. Select "Edit Groups"

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  2. You will get redirected to a property list where you can select which group the property is tied to

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  3. Once you have selected, click "save"

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