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Knock, knock! Whose there? Not sure? Knock has you covered with selfie scan 😃

From the prospect guest-card, leasing agents are able to generate and deliver a link via Email or SMS that allows prospects to perform ID verification on their own mobile device. Prospects are able to walk through the verification process before they even visit on site. If an ID is verified, the result is appended to their guest card. .


*Selfie Scan is available for existing Knock Tours customers. New Knock IDVP customers will be able to use Selfie Scan.


Knocks partner in ID Verification, Plaid, supports over 16,000 types of IDs today that include

  • Drivers License from all 50 states

  • International Passports

  • Temporary Licenses (vary by state)

  • Weapons Permits (vary by state)

  • College IDs (vary by school/state)


    Want to see how it's done? Alright, let's walk through it!


    From your Knock dashboard

    > Select Prospect

    > Under the prospect guest card, select "email" or "sms"

    > From there select "Self-Verify ID" icon

    Screenshot 2023-11-18 at 9.01.26 AM.png


    A link will appear in the body of the email, all you have to do is hit "send"

    *SPECIAL NOTE:The link will now expire after 1 HOUR 


    Screenshot 2023-11-18 at 9.01.51 AM.png

    From there, the prospect will be responsible for completing the rest

    Front and back pictures of the ID are required


    Phone number and ID data will be asked for before ID Scan 



    **If the verification process failed, prospect will be prompted to reach out to the leasing team. You can always confirm the ID when the prospect comes in if needed.


    PDF Recaps

    Selfie Scan now allows leasing agents to view and download PDF's of the self-scanned ID verification results. The leasing agent will also be able to attach the PDF to the prospect’s application for compliance reasons.  The PDF will populate for any ID scan via Selfie Scan.  This will not populate for ID scans in the Knock Tours app. 

    The PDF will show the below details:

    • The scanned state (pass/fail)

    • any scan details if applicable

    • the scanner’s first, middle, and last name (given and surname)

    • date of the attempted scan

    • address

    • document type that was scanned

    • city, state, and zip code

    • expiration


    Any ID scans done by the prospect through SelfieScan will generate a PDF that will be viewable by the leasing agent on the prospect’s guestcard details.




    The leasing agent will open the PDF in a new tab by clicking “View ID Scan PDF” on the guestcard. They can also export or print the PDF file as well!




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