Downloading a Recorded Call

Need to download a Recorded call? This article will explain how to download a recorded call in Knock. Knock provides audio recordings of all incoming calls that come from your Knock tracking numbers. Let's say you receive a call from a prospect or resident and you are wanting to review the call, you can easily listen to and download the call directly from the guest card or you can review the call from the Call Log report.


Download from a Guest card


Once you have opened the guest card, you can listen to the recording and download the audio directly to your computer. To download the audio, click on the 3-dot kebab menu button, and select Download.

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Download from the Call Log


Want to comb through or audit incoming calls? Use our Call Log report to easily filter calls based on property, date range, and call type! The Call Log report is a great way to identify coaching opportunities and a great resource tool when trying to reference passed calls.




Date Range: filter calls based on the date of the call


Property: If you have more than one property on your Analytics dashboard, be sure to select which property you are wanting to audit!


Call Type: When you first speak to a prospect, are you getting them excited to be a part of your community? First impressions are important and if a prospect's first interaction with the community is by a phone call, you can easily review these calls by filtering all incoming calls by Call Type: First Call. This filter will show you the recorded calls from a prospect's initial call with the community.

After a prospect's initial call, Knock is able to differentiate these calls into its own category, Return Call.


Need to listen to an incoming call from a Resident? Use the Call Type: Resident to filter out all incoming calls to only calls from your Resident.


Once you have identified the call you are wanting to download, simply click on the 3 dot kebab menu and select Download.


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