Leasing Guide: Bulk communication with prospects and residents

To enhance the bulk communication experience, we have implemented a new feature that enables agents to send texts or emails to selected contacts who are unable to receive their preferred mode of communication. In the past, if contacts in a batch couldn't receive a SMS or email, agents had to reach out to them separately. Now, agents can seamlessly send an SMS or email to these excluded contacts within the same workflow, eliminating the need to reselect them. This enhancement streamlines the process and saves valuable time for agents.

       1. Go to the Resident or Prospect's Tab.

       2. Select the prospects or residents you wish to bulk e-mail or 

       3. Click the Email or SMS button.


4. In the pop-up, you can create your message to send to your prospects and residents. Within this pop-up, you can customize your message as well as add a custom subject line.

Batch Email
Batch SMS

For prospects and resident without an email address on file, an option to compose a text will be shown below.
For prospects and resident without an phone number on file, an option to compose an email will be shown below.


Attach Files in Batch SMS

We have brought the ability to add attachments to a batch SMS



  • Files larger than 25MB will not be allowed
  • Files have to be an image, video, or PDF
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