How to Email Individual Prospects and Residents

Emailing your individual prospects or residents can be done directly through Knock, keeping a clear record of your conversations.


To contact a prospect or resident through Knock via email:

1. Open their prospective guestcard or their resident guestcard.

2. Click on the Email tab at the bottom of the guestcard.

🚨NOTE: If the email button is greyed out, this means they are not accepting emails or you don't have an email address on file for them.

3. In the Message box, create your message.

🚨IMPORTANT: The email cannot be more than 12 MB or 10k characters.

4. You can change the individual subject line by typing within the Subject Box.

🚨NOTE: If you change the subject line, this will create an entirely new email thread to the prospect.

5. If the email returns with red text underneath it, Knock could be letting you know pertinent information such as the prospect has an invalid email address, has declined emails from the property, or has an email address related to a spam domain. 


Looking to get in touch with more than one prospect at once? Send a mass email instead!

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