Customizing your Knock Bot Scheduling Form

The article will explain how to edit and customize the Knock Bot. Many times, the first way your prospects contact you is by scheduling a tour with the chatbot Knock Bot on your website!  You can customize this to the exact needs of your community. 


Bedrooms and Unit Selections
Sometimes more information isn't always better!  Based on your community's needs, you may or may not want to offer a bedroom and specific unit options for your prospects to choose from when booking an appointment to tour.  Now you can choose what you'd like to show!



Here's how to make these changes:

Step 1: Log into your Admin Account

Step 2: Click on the “Doorway" option in the navigation.
Step 3: To hide these options, click on the corresponding boxes that say:

  • Hide unit preference select in Scheduling Form

  • Hide unit select in Scheduling Form



Pre-screening Questions

To add Knock's prefabricated pre-screening questions, do the following

Move Date

1. Check the box

Monthly Income

1. Turn on Unit Scheduling in Admin > Doorway > Require Unit Scheduling

2. Click Admin > Scheduling > Pre-Screening questions > Monthly Income


1. Check the box

Pet Ownership

1. Go to Admin > Properties > Leasing > Pet Policy

2. If you select all 3 options, the prompt will NOT show on the bot (since there is no prescreening if they accept everything) If you select 1 or 2 options, the prompt will show on the bot

Eviction History

1. Check the box

Custom Qualifying Questions
To add customer qualifying questions before booking a tour:
Step 1: Log into your Admin account and select the Scheduling tab
Step 2. Select any of the pre-built questions you would like required.
Step 3: Select the +Add button and type in your site-specific questions and required answers
If you have Dog/Cat selected as allowed under Admin>Properties, the pet ownership prescreen question will not ask the prospect on the self-schedule tool.



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