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The Knock chatbot is a great way to engage your prospects with the information they need and encourage them to schedule tours.  There are multiple buttons and options on the chatbot. This article will help explain how to use your chatbot.   Let's check them out!


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Schedule a Tour


Prospects can schedule tours with your team through this button.  The options for your prospect can be In-Person, Self Guided or Live Video Tours.  You can adjust the times and preferences on the Admin dashboard.  If you ever need to turn off self-scheduling admins can turn it off under Admin>scheduling.


Self Guided

If your community offers self guided tours, through a 3rd party partner like Tour24, you can prompt customer engagement here.  To activate this, go to the Admin dashboard under Properties > Settings and provide the self guided URL.




This button will offer the prospect the currently available units in the community with pricing and square footage.  Clicking scheduled tours will bring the prospect to the self-tour widget. 


Request a Text


Requesting a text will prompt a form to populate for the prospect to fill out.  Once they do, they will be opted in for text messaging and a guest card will be created!  They can text the property moving forward. 


View Photos


Prospects can use this button to flip through the gallery of pictures we house in the Properties tab within Knock.  


Leasing Specials


Update your prospects to your community's specials on your Admin dashboard under Properties and Leasing.  Enter your specials under the Leasing Specials text box to reflect on the Chat Bot. 




The neighborhood button will pull up Google maps of the area based on your address with a search function to find fun spots in their new city!  You can update your address on your Admin dashboard under the Properties tab. 




This button will answer questions commonly asked by the prospect before they even reach the onsite team!  


I'm a Resident


All of your residents can contact the office with questions or work orders by clicking I'm a Resident.  The chatbot will ask them to verify their residence and allow them to send the leasing team a message. 


Something Else
If your prospects still have questions, they can select Something Else.  They can enter their information which will create a guest card and prompt the leasing team to reach out to them.




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