Marketing Integrations

Knock integrates into all of your marketing sources. There are 3 ways in which we do so: Knock voice, Knock autoresponder email, and Knock Bot.


Knock Voice

Knock spins up a unique phone number for each of your marketing sources: signage, ILS websites, your property website, etc:


Once you change your phone number on a given source to the new Knock voice number, a few things will happen:

  1. Knock will forward all calls made to that number to the leasing office- so the phone in the leasing office will ring just like before

  2. All new incoming calls will hear a customizable greeting, where they can push "1" to receive a text message or push "2" to be forwarded to the leasing agent

  3. All incoming calls will be recorded (optional)

  4. In addition to calling, prospects can text this number and all incoming texts will appear in Knock

  5. Knock will add a new lead to Knock whenever a new person calls a Knock voice number with the name "Phone Lead" (can be changed)

  6. If a resident calls a knock voice number, the call will be tied to the resident in Knock (i.e. it won't create a new prospect) and recorded


The Knock autoresponder is an email address you can setup as the contact email anywhere you do your existing marketing (Craigslist, Zillow, your website, etc.) and it will do two things:

  1. Forward every email received to whichever contact email you want. I.e. from your end, you will receive every inquiry email as usual.

  2. Automatically respond immediately to every email with a customizable message and a link to all of your listings where they can schedule online 24/7.

  3. Add a new prospect into Knock with their email address and any other available information they included in their email (i.e. name, phone number, move date, etc)

This makes you immediately responsive to renters, and gives them the action item of being able to book a tour with you at all hours, so you can convert your online traffic into foot traffic 24/7.


Knock Bot

Knock Bot is a scheduling widget that lives on your property website. We give a 2 line code snippet to your web developer, and once they implement this prospects can gain information and schedule tours 24/7:


 A few things to note about Knock Bot:

  1. All chats will create a new lead, which will funnel into Knock, just like leads created from the above two methods.

  2. Prospects can schedule tours while on your property website without even leaving your site (these tours will funnel into Knock).



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