Self Scheduling Tool

Now that you have Knock on your side, tours and appointments are easier to manage than ever. In fact, a prospect can book a tour with you without ever picking up the phone! Embedded directly onto your website is a nifty little tool:



With this tool, prospects have the option to review information regarding your property like photos, (which can be updated using your Properties tab)  pricing and unit availability, and other details on why they should choose to live at your community!

Once they have decided to move forward with self-booking a tour, they can simply request the best time and date (which is based on your Calendar and available times) and instantly get confirmation!


If your property uses ID verification/Selfie Scanning, your prospect will then see the following prompt:


🚨NOTE: To view this process from a prospect-facing perspective, please check out this help guide: Selfie Scan

Once the tour has been scheduled, the prospect will receive a confirmation email regarding that tour. This email will include the ability to add a reminder to their calendar of choice and review, reschedule or cancel their appointment!

But don't worry about being left in the dark - you will also receive that confirmation email to let you know of the upcoming booking.

You will also receive confirmation as well as any updates if they happen to change their mind before the tour date.


If you would like to adjust the items on your Knockbot - and you have admin access - you can do so using Customizing your Knockbot Scheduling Form :)

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