Prospect First Contact

Learning how your prospects reach out to you and what path they want to communicate through is a gotta know in lead management! In your Knock guest cards and Knock Analytics, we track how the prospect first reaches out for you!

To find this information on an individual prospect level, please open their guestcard and take a glimpse at the profile panel on the left-hand side of the screen. From there, you'll want to check out the First Contact dropdown. This dropdown will give you a proper sense of how your lead first contacted your property.

To find this information within your Analytics reports, you'll want to visit the Conversions report and group your findings by Contact.

Here are how prospects can first reach out to you:

Call - The prospect called you through a Knock tracking number.

Email - The prospect reached out to you via a Knock tracking email. Many ILS contact us forms are sent to a Knock tracking email!

Facebook - The prospect reached out to you via Facebook, whether Messenger or Facebook Ads. Both are through the Knock Facebook integration.

Form - The prospect reached out by filling out a form with one of our Knock ILS partners. Many ILSs use our Syndication API. Those leads, when the contact us form is filled out, will come in as Form. Examples would be Zillow and

Internet - This will occur when a lead is first created in your PMS and transferred to Knock. If the first contact is "Internet" in your PMS, it will transfer as such to us!

Knockbot - The prospect found us and reached out by self booking a tour via one of our self schedule platforms like the Google link and your website chat bot.

Scheduling - Your prospect found your property and self scheduled a tour through one of our Knock Now partners such as, RentPath, Zumper, ABODO, uLoop, and ROOM8.


SMS - The prospect first reached out to us via text, either texting a Knock number directly or sending a message to your short code.

Walk In - The prospect walked in to tour before speaking with anyone! Their first experience with you was a tour.

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