Documenting Tours and Troubleshooting Appointments

Confirming tours and appointments is easy to do in Knock - in fact there is section on your Knock Dashboard dedicated to Tour Confirmations!


This subsection is known as Appointments Pending Completion, and it works as a filter for all of your prospects who recently had a scheduled tour time. These tours and walk-ins can be added by your team directly, or scheduled by the prospect.


Once that tour time has passed, you will be prompted to complete the tour and to detail any unit that was shown (all appointments must include a unit for it to export to your PMS as a show event)

But how do you properly document this and what if those tours are not exporting to your PMS as expected? Here is how you can make sure you are documenting your tours appropriately!



Walk-in events are treated as show events in Knock, and once a walk-in has been created, it will then establish a prompt for you to detail the units that were shown. Unlike appointments, walk-in events will automatically be marked as a visit with no option to select as a no-show. Likewise, the walk-in event will also prompt you to select the time in which the walk-in occurred.

🚨NOTE: When creating a new lead and adding a walk-in, to properly execute this information and export it to your PMS, you will need to choose a time AFTER the card creation. For example, if Prospect A's card is being created at 10 am, you will need to mark the walk-in event for at least 10:01 am.



If you did not show a unit for this prospect and instead want to treat the walk-in simply as a creation type, you can avoid adding the unit when prompted. However, you will always be prompted to add a unit upon the event's creation.



Appointments/Tours can be added either by your team directly in the guest card or by the prospect through your scheduling tools and options. This ease of access and quick action allows you to keep focusing on your day without stressing about the back and forth. Once that tour time has passed, it will appear in your appointment pending completion section as mentioned above.


If the tour was confirmed, you will need to document that information by opening the card and selecting the "Visited" option on the open prompt. Once that has been completed, you will need to select a unit that was shown during the tour.


1) If the unit shown was not created, still choose the most similar unit from your available list to document.

2) If multiple units were shown, please only select one unit and include the second unit shown in your notes (adding two units will create two show events in your reporting). If 2 or more units are chosen, the first one will show as the main one.

3) If you click out of the window prematurely, you can still add the unit to the event in the guest card by choosing to "edit" the unit portion of the event.

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