Hosting a Live Video Tour

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Your prospects now have the option to request a live video tour when scheduling their appointment!  This allows you to have that great one on one connection with your prospect when you are in different locations. 


To activate this option, simply go to the Admin dashboard and go to Scheduling.  From here, toggle the Live Video Tours button.  

After that, go to Templates and put in your virtual platform URL under the Live Video Tour URL.  This will be whatever you want the prospect to click to start the video chat.  You can also include a message to your prospect with instructions in the box labeled Live Video Tour Instructions.  If the prospect only has SMS as a contact, Knock will send the SMS auto-response along with the live video instructions and URL.


You can tell it's a live tour on the calendar or prospect profile with the video icon. 



You will also find that these tours appear on your calendar, allowing you to block off time and allow your team's work around that event - just like with in person tours or walk-ins!


Once the live tour is activated, you can also schedule a prospect with a live video tour!   Simply choose the live tour option when booking an appointment. 


Once the "Live Video Tour" appointment is confirmed as visited by the team, it will transfer over to your PMS.

***For our OneSite partners, the tour will transfer over as "Videotelephony-Tour" so you can tell the difference between face-to-face tours and virtual tours! For Yardi partners, you can distinguish the difference between a standard tour and a video tour with the additional note we include in the tour activity***



But wait, there's more!

If you are using our iOS Knock app, you can start the live video from there too!

*Pro Tip: Remember, these tours will be using the same shared tour URL so to avoid prospect confusion be sure to book one tour per available time slot. We also recommend setting your tour length to 60 minutes to allow a buffer between show events! 🕐 

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