Using Knock to Drive Visits and Applications

Want to make sure that a prospect knows you are serious about making them your next resident? Need to provide a deliverable that is both encompassing of everything you showed them on-site but also allows them to take action right away? Use these tools to help turn a visit into an application quickly! ⏳


Post-Visit Follow Up

The post visit follow-up section is the best way to stay aware of which prospects recently toured, funneling into this category only after a tour has been confirmed. This allows you to filter out which leads may need to be treated a little differently, and provides some incentive to begin the application process!


The first step in making sure that you can secure that connection is a direct message to the prospect, thanking them for joining you and reiterating some of the most important features of your property. The quickest way to provide this context is by building out a custom quick reply These quick replies are easy to build and manage, and will allow you to establish a standard and effective response to help drive them towards taking the next step.


✨Pro tip: When creating these quick replies, leave blank spaces or indicators to add custom details specific to the prospect (i.e. talk about the dog park if they have a furry friend).


Now that you have the perfect response written, filled with lots of specific details to drive their interest, it's time to provide them with some quick actionable items to move them along.

Using the email function within a Knock guest card, you can send them a few items and bits of detail that can aide in this cause.


1) Quoting: quoting in Knock is simple and easy and will allow you to provide the prospect with a timed offer that you can preview and approve. Whether you are using a pricing matrix or a quote simply based on leasing length and terms, you can easily build, preview, and attach a quote that is designed around the prospect's specifics. A bonus is that each of these quotes will include your direct leasing link if provided to Knock.

This is found within your Availability button, directly below your email formatting. Once you can review these details, you can attach it as a PDF and review it at any time - even after it expires for future reference!


2) Community Links: Community links are another great tool to drive the application process with added detail and flair. These links are also accessible through your Availability button, initiated by clicking on the small green "paste link" icon.

Once pasted, you can send them unit-specific details that will pull in information about the associated floorplan and community amenities found in your Properties tab.


The community details can also host a direct application link, which is found at the very bottom of your Properties tab > Edit Community. This will allow the prospect to review the page properly, and then take action when needed by following the link immediately after touring!


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