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Knock's voice app allows an agent to accept incoming calls and make outgoing calls directly from your browser. It gives you the ability to manage your leads from anywhere! Whether you are working from home, a call center, or your onsite office, get the right information to your prospects in a timely manner through voice app.


It is important to note that your computer must have active speakers and a microphone to use this feature. When you activate this for the first time, Chrome will ask you if it’s ok to give Chrome permission to use your mic and speakers. YOU WANT TO HIT YES. If you don’t, you can adjust this in your computer settings. If you don’t have a microphone, you can use headphones with a microphone attached to it.


Inbound Calls

For incoming calls, voice app will direct all incoming calls from a Knock tracking number to your active agents' browsers. You can have multiple agents online at the same time and Knock will forward the call to the agent that has been idle longest. If the online agent does not answer, the call will be rerouted to the office line and, if unanswered, your site's voicemail system.


Let's walk through it!


To activate browser calling via voice app, simply click the Phone Icon under your name


A new window will open for the voice app. Click on Change to state you are available. You can adjust which sites you are “available” for with the toggle buttons next to the site names. The options are based on your user account site access on the Admin dashboard. Make sure to keep the voice app open on your desktop so you can receive calls!


When a call comes in the voice app will play a ring tone and the desktop app will show the purple banner. The user receiving the call will also see the property name and caller ID (for existing guest cards) in the voice app. This is where the user will accept the call or not. You can also open the guest card from the voice app. If you answer a call for a property you do not have open in Knock at the time, Knock will toggle you over to it.


The call will be recorded and playback available in the guest card after the call.


Outbound Calls

Making outbound calls from your browser allows you to work your lead management from anywhere while providing the same user experience to your prospects. The number on their caller ID will be the same as if you called them from your office! And since you won’t be using the same number, you and your coworkers can call out without tying up your phone lines.


Let's make some calls!


When outbound browser calling is activated, you will see a new option for calls in the guest card called Calls Via Browser.


When you click that option, you will hear a notification tone, the purple banner will pop up and you will hear the message "We're connecting you to your call now." Then it will call the prospect! When you are done with the call, select Hang Up. The call will be documented in the message thread of the guest card.



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