Best Practices for Email Inbox Placement

Knock CRM provides a convenient, centralized platform for our customers to engage with prospects and residents through email, text, and voice. This centralized email platform provides many benefits, such as out-of-the-box CAN-SPAM compliance and delivery with Google’s highest sender reputation, but it also means that the poor sending practices of one property may impact the community.


Knock is continuously investing in improved email features and sending infrastructure, and monitors its platform daily to identify properties in need of improved sending practices. The tips below address the most common sending oversights and are a great place to start for any property looking to improve inbox placement and engagement.


Plan Bulk Email - Whether bulk emailing residents or prospects, coordinate the sending at your property to minimize the number of messages sent and the frequency with which they are sent. The fewer and less frequent your bulk messages are, the higher the inbox placement and engagement will be for your property.


Avoid Large Attachments - Email service providers generally accept up to 25MB messages but they throttle and thus delay delivery of very large messages or large messages sent to many recipients. For best deliverability and inbox placement, limit bulk email to 2MBs.


Autoresponder and Quick Reply Investment - These are the most commonly sent messages from your property. Their purpose is to nurture a relationship with your recipient and to advance the conversation toward the next stage. Invest in concise, polite, and engaging language and layout for these most important message templates.


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