Future Follow Up Reminders & When to Use Them

This article will explain how and when to use a future follow-up reminder. You may have seen the "hourglass" symbol in the bottom right-hand corner of a prospect card - but when is the right "time" to use it? ⌛ 


This helpful tool is used to remove a prospect card from your required follow-up count until a specified date and now with a new update, you can add the desired time!


How To Use


Open the card you wish to schedule a reminder for - and simply click on the "Follow Up" button in the bottom right-hand corner.



Once selected you will be prompted with a module to select the date and time you would like the lead to reappear.

Screenshot 2023-11-18 at 2.24.14 PM.png


This will then turn the prospect status to "green", meaning it is good to go for the time being and no longer lowering your daily engagement score. The lead will not reappear on your To-Do Dashboard again until that exact date and time - so be sure to check your "Calendar" reminder section to keep these future follow-ups top of mind. Here is a quick walkthrough of the Calendar in Knock 📆 


If you ever need to remove a follow-up, simply find the reminder on the guest card under the Events section and select Remove reminder!

Screenshot 2023-11-18 at 2.26.41 PM.png


To reschedule a follow-up, click the hyperlinked date and time under Event to trigger the pop-up. Adjust the date there plus the time that you desire and add a note and select save to save it!


Best Use Cases


While the use of this tool is completely up to the discretion of your leasing team, there are a few common cases where we find this tool to be particularly helpful!


  1. When a prospect wishes to lease months later: if a prospect enters your Knock account early, with interest in your community but without the option to lease with you until months in the future - you can use this tool to help! Not only will this allow you to save the prospect's contact for later, but by adding notes and details to the guest card you can keep relevant information handy when you reach back out!

  2. When you accidentally follow up outside of Knock: while you will want to be sure to follow up primarily in Knock each day, in certain circumstances you may find yourself needing to add a reminder to a card that you called/emailed outside of your account. This will help you keep the prospect from hurting your engagement score, but also keep you accountable for the follow-up the next day or the day after (we recommend never setting it to more than two days)

  3. When you would like to follow up one more time before closing: sometimes a prospect goes "stale", or simply has not indicated an interest in moving forward with leasing with your team. You may need to close them out - but not just yet! We always recommend sending at least three effective follow-ups before marking a lead as lost, and this can space out those final responses in case you want to contact them one final time!

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