Add a note/reminder

Need to jot down a quick note or reminder for yourself and/or fellow agents on your team? Don't worry -- adding a note is easy!

Adding notes

Step 1: First click on the renter name from either the calendar, the Prospect tab, or the To-Do page.

Step 2: At the bottom right of the message box, click Note.

Step 3: Type in your note and hit Save. This is an internal facing note so the prospect won't be able to see it.


Adding reminders

Step 1: To add a reminder, select Follow Up. 

Step 2: Select a date you want to be reminded, enter your reminder into the text field, and click Save.

When the due date comes up, you will be notified on Knock on the To-Do page. You also can see it at the top of your Knock calendar, on the reminder date!

Both your notes and your reminders will show up right within the conversation, giving you one chronological activity feed for the renter with messages, notes, reminders, etc:


🚨IMPORTANT: Notes and reminders cannot be removed from the guest card.

PMS Notes

If you would like to include a note in the prospect profile when it transfers to your PMS, simply fill in the PMS Notes section halfway down the prospect profile and hit save! The character max is 1000 and is the only note section that will export to your PMS.

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