Manually Entering Guest Cards

Although Knock captures and creates guest cards for most of your incoming communication, every once in a while, you will need to manually enter a guest card.  This could be due to a walk in tour who doesn't have a prospect card, someone calling your office line directly or emailing your site email.  But don't worry!  Manually creating a guest card is easy!


When you need to create a guest card, simply go to the Add A Prospect button on the top left of the screen.  This will work for manually entering leads created by calls, emails or walk ins. 

Then fill out the guest card's key information.  If you don't have the phone number or email address, simply press the "I don't have a phone for this prospect" button.  Under first contact, you will use however the prospect reached out to you (call, email walk in) and chose the date and time they contacted you. 

While you fill this out, Knock will check for duplicates.  If any guest card has the same phone number or email address you included, Knock will alert you and as you to view that lead or change the phone number. 

Watch a live walk through of this right HERE!

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