360 Guestcard

The leasing world can be a small place but using Knock's 360 guestcard feature, you can get a better view!


Prospects can often go to many communities in their search for their new home. Some of them may be sister properties and they could be a resident at one! Knowing this information will help you evaluate their interest level in your community and maybe learn a bit more about what type of home they want.


360 Guestcard provides this insight in the Knock prospect profile. Simply click on the 360 Profile hyperlink.

Screenshot 2023-11-18 at 2.30.47 PM.png


The module that pops up will show you any community in your network that the prospect is in touch with. Additional information it will provide includes

  1. Are they a prospect or resident there?

  2. What's their status?

  3. When was the guest card last active (follow up or communication)?

If you are a member of that sister property's leasing team, you can even click the prospect hyperlink to view the prospect card in real time!


Get the full circle picture with 360 Guestcard!

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