Follow Up Indicators (Red, Yellow, Green Circle)

What leads drop onto my To-Do page?

How does Knock know when a lead is due for follow up?

What is that weird red/yellow/green circle next to the prospect name?


If you've asked yourself that before, read on!


Knock helps track which leads are in need of communication or lead management with a red, yellow and green follow up indicator. It's the stoplight of lead management!



Green leads are good to go! These are leads that either have an appointment booked, a future follow up reminder, have leased with us, stopped their apartment search or leads that had a follow up in the last 24 hours. Green leads count towards your Engagement score so the more green leads you have, the higher your score.




These leads are giving you a warning that they are going to turn red soon! These are leads whose last follow up with between 24-48 hours ago AND they do not have a future follow up date set. These leads are going to end up on your To-Do page within the next 24 hours.




Red leads are the leads that lower your engagement score. These leads have either not have a follow up at all (New) or haven't had a follow up within Knock in at least 48 hour and have no future follow up date set. These will be the leads that are on your To-Do page.


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