Shared Knock Dashboard & Multiple Integration Set Up

When you expect to have multiple properties in one account - there will be differences in the way that your dashboard may look and how you directly interact with leads!

The following article will detail exactly what you will see in your account when it comes to lead creation, allocation and assignment. There will also be many small changes that will determine who owns the prospect as well as the units and community information that you are able to provide.


New Leads

New leads in Knock are generated via tracking sources created by our team! Those tracking pieces are place on your multiple marketing locations (like your Property Website or Google My Business). These sources are unique to each property - so if you have multiple integrations and properties tied to one account, they will still be properly attributed to that team!

Example: Property "A" and Property "B" share a Knock account. When a prospect contacts Property B's website number - they will appear in Knock under the ownership of Property B.

One thing to keep in mind is that these property attributes are dictated by the tracking source. So if a prospect reaches out to one properties website, you will not be able to assign them to another property unless you create a new card at the desired property.



Sharing an account means sharing the same main account dashboard. You may see leads under the name of other accounts, and even their leasing team. These leads were allocated to that team based on the tracking details above - so you will not need to focus on those contacts for your day-to-day!

However, an important note to make here is that all leads on the same shared dashboard will collectively affect the account's engagement score. So if one property has a lot of leads left the score will reflect that - even if the other property were to clear their entire prospect pool!

One thing to note is that your Knock reporting for engagement can be separated by property and even by leasing agent. So management will still be able to see a teams action and hard work if your overall account engagement score does not appear to reflect that.



Similar to your Knock Dashboard - you will also be sharing a calendar. If multiple properties are in the account, you may see a cluttered calendar with a ton of events! 

This means that you will see all of the scheduled events for both teams - however, if you would like to limit it to only see the tours scheduled for the main property accounts you can toggle the "show team" button to hide the other leasing agent's actions and events:


Calling and Following Up

All follow up methods will be tied to the team associated to the card. So while you will be able to assign card ownership to any leasing agent in the account (even those at a separate property) you will only be able to reach out with the office line associated each profile. 

All account phone numbers and email notifications will be tied to the individual account details for each user.


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