Resident Texting and Opt In Paths

Just like your prospects, residents can communicate with your team through text messages. With the addition of them being members of your community, however, there are added features like mass messaging and engaging with residents in bulk!


However, before you can begin communication with these residents through SMS you will need to get their standard consent to send those messages to their phone. If a resident opts in while a prospect, that opt-in status will carry over to their resident card. While there is a setting inside of Knock to automatically send new residents the opt-in email to text - this feature can only be turned on with permission from your management team and will need to have them contact Knock Support for further assistance.


1) Selecting which residents have not agreed to text

The first step in the process is identifying those residents who have already agreed to text your property. Don't worry about clicking through every card ๐Ÿ“‡ , this can done with one click of a button!


Scroll to the top right corner of your account until you find SMS Opt-in button - once found give it a click!

Now that you have clicked on that icon, the residents who had not yet agreed to text have been highlighted with green checks in your resident list! Simply click that button once more, and it will initiate sending them a consent link to begin texting (it is that easy!


Once you have sent that form, your residents will need to click on the link provided to their email on file!

Screenshot 2023-11-18 at 10.24.21 AM.png

3) Send a bulk text message

Now that you have been provided the proper consent to communicate via text message, let's make sure we update our residents on new community events, maintenance repairs, or general news!


This can be done by selecting the residents you wish to text (or all at once), and clicking on the pink cell phone icon in the top right-hand corner!


Once prompted, you will have the ability to text the residents that have agreed to text! You can send quick replies and emojis ๐Ÿ˜€


For those who have not yet agreed to text, you will also have the option to send an email instead!

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