Utilizing Knock's Email Features

Make your email outreach standout by taking advantage of the email customization in Knock!


Changing the Email Subject Line

Update the email subject line for a more personal touch


  1. From an individual prospect's card, click the Edit Subject icon under the email text box

2. From there, you can update your email subject and click Save


Note: You cannot customize the subject line for a mass email.


Customizing the font and style

Use the different formatting options to make your emails easy and fun for your prospects to read.


Some of the options you have to customize your emails:


  • Bold

  • Italics

  • Underline

  • Add links

  • Bullet points and Numbered lists


Adding Additional Recipients (CC)



Need to keep another party in the loop? Now you can add up to 10 additional email recipients by utilizing our CC feature. Be sure to add a comma between each email address so that they will format correctly.

Adding Attachments

Add an image or PDF attachment to your emails from your desktop. The max email message size is 25 MB inclusive of all attachments; larger messages will be rejected by most email service providers. Supported file types include PDF, mp4, PNG and JPEG.



Adding Quick Replies

Make your follow ups go faster by adding quick replies.  These are canned responses you can save so that by one click of a button, it will generate into the email message box!
Learn how to create quick replies here



Adding Quotes and Unit Links

Add more value to your emails by including quotes for specific units or unit self scheduling links.  Both include details about the community that show why your community is the best one!  Read more about adding quotes here!


The blue dollar sign button is to generate quotes and the green button are for the unit links encouraging self scheduling. 



Text Message Opt In 

Encourage your prospects to opt in for SMS text messages by sending them the opt in link.  Click this link to embed the opt in link into the email.  Learn more about all the SMS opt in paths here


Now that you've emailed them, make sure you can see the full message! We compact your thread to keep it easy to read but if you ever want to see the whole message, click the arrows at the bottom right of the email.


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