Cross-Selling AKA Prospect Transferring

Whether it's current availability, pricing or amenities, there are often times where another property is a better fit for your prospect. And that's ok! Now with our cross-selling function, you can transfer your prospects to a sister property to keep the lease in house. This works great for agents working multiple properties, multi-site dashboards, or for sister site transfers.


When you have cross selling activated, your prospect card will look a bit different -- but don't worry, not much has changed! The categories on the prospect profile have become drop downs for you to save space! The only new one is Refer. And that location is where cross-selling is now located!

To transfer a lead to another community, select the drop down for Refer. We will provide community options based on the bedroom count preference and sort the listing by proximity to the original community.

Pro Tip: Make sure to fill out all the preferences so Knock can prompt the best sister property fits for you!

Once you choose which site you want to transfer them to, click the arrow next to the name. Sites that already have this prospect in their system will be greyed out so you won't be able to select those.


Notes are required to transfer the prospect so the other team can reference the prospect history. You can also continue to book a tour after you refer them for the new property and schedule a follow up for the new property.


If you choose Continue to Tour booking after referral, you will get a prompt to schedule an appointment for that prospect at that property. The available time options will honor that specific property's calendar and scheduling preferences.


Voila! The lead has been transferred to the new site with the corresponding notes, appointments and future follow ups!



  • What information transfers over to the new community?


    -- The prospect profile, preferences and their marketing information. The source and first contact will mirror the original guest card.

  • How do we turn this on?


    -- Just reach out to your CSM to activate this feature.

  • Will the new guest card appear on the To-Do page?


    -- If you scheduled a tour or future follow up, no. The same logic as always will come into play where a lead with a Booked status or future follow up will not be prompted for a follow up on the To-Do page.

  • Can we control which sites pop up on the Nearby Communities?


    -- Yes! We will only offer sites within your company and the communities can be removed from that offering by a company Admin. No competitors will appear on the list as well.

  • Can my centralized agents refer prospects to multiple sister properties?


    -- Absolutely! We think this is a great way to schedule multiple tours and increase close rates.

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