New to Knock Start Guide

So you just logged into Knock for the first time.. now what?


Don't be intimidated by your To-Do list or daily workload, Knock makes it easy to digest and attack! Before you can start working those leads and getting heads in beds, you will want to make sure you tackle a few key items for your account (and property!) πŸ”‘


1) Changing and updating your account (including password)

Not all Knock accounts are built equally, but you do have your own custom-made for you! While you may be logging in with shared credentials, you still have the opportunity to edit and adjust your account from day one.


In the upper right corner of your Knock account, then click Accounts and Settings, you will find a logout button! Here is where you are able to switch accounts by using the "Change User" drop-down list. Select your name and your dashboard will refresh to display your information - and from there you can head to your Account button to upload your own photo, or you can use the Settings button to update your signature and make it personal to you!


2) Turning on your notifications and settings

Knock is always active and pulling in leads from your marketing location in real time - which can mean that you may not notice when a new prospect reaches out for information or replies to your team.


In order to avoid any confusion or decreased response time, you will want to turn on your Notifications. This can be done by heading to the top left corner of your Knock account (right next to your profile icon!) and clicking on the small bell πŸ”” and audio 🎀 notification buttons. These will alert you with small text and audio reminders whenever there is an activity in your account, and allow you to hear calls ringing in real time!


3) Setting up property information (if not done yet)

Now that your personal information and account is ready to go - don't neglect the important step of detailing your property information!


Adding property information to your Leasing Binder Tab will allow you to show off your community in the best light, either through your Knock Bot Tool!


4) Building quick replies

Quick replies are a great tool to use if you would like to standardize your marketing as well as save some time in the process. Using our helpful template creation, by accessing the Quick Replies function within a Knock guest card with an email address - you will be able to create and customize your own fast responses to plug in and keep moving! πŸ”Œ

We always recommend having one handy for post-visit follow-ups as well as an introduction to your community!


5) Mastering your first follow-ups

Speaking of a great introduction to your community, you want to make sure that you are always able to follow up with a lead effectively and quickly - which Knock is here to help with!


As new leads populate your account, after contacting your marketing locations like Google or your Property Website, they will be awaiting a direct response from your team. Don't leave them waiting!


In fact, if you want to understand just how long the prospect has been waiting on a response, you can monitor the "response time" for their guest card in their prospect profile. Here you can see how long it has taken you to respond to their inbound messaging on average and during your business hours. Always be sure to respond to those new leads first, because no one likes to be left in the dark πŸ’‘

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