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Become an ID-Verification expert and learn how to troubleshoot common circumstances that can pop up while verifying IDs!




How does the ID scanner work?

Knock has partnered with a top global ID scanning service, trusted by Experian, PayPal, and Capitol One, to bring a premier ID verification experience to the Multifamily industry.


The ID scanning feature in Knock Tours is backed by the industry’s largest document library, powered by human-assisted machine learning to ensure the highest accuracy for identifying invalid ID’s. We verify government-issued documents for all 50 states and nearly 200 countries around the world, allowing leasing teams to scan and verify government-issued documents including drivers’ licenses and passports, in order to help identify invalid ID’s, and prevent unqualified renters from entering communities before reaching the application process.


In just a few seconds, Knock is able to verify government-issued documents using dozens of authentication checks including 1 & 2-D barcode scanning, photo pattern identification, microprint scans, OCR & MRZ recognition, and more.



ID Scan Vocabulary:

  • Invalid - Means that the authentication checks used to validate the government-issued ID did not pass.

  • 1D barcode scanning - 1D barcodes are also called “linear” and have individual, vertical lines of varying widths that are used as a unique link to reference data.

  • 2D barcode scanning - Like 1D barcodes, 2D barcodes also use “linear” vertical lines of varying widths, but different from 1D, they use multiple lines in smaller sections. 2D barcodes are able to provide reference to larger amounts of data than 1D

  • Photo pattern Identification - Knock uses iPad’s high-resolution cameras to scan the photos of government-issued IDs.

  • Microprint scans - Knock uses iPad’s high-resolution cameras to scan and identify the unique microprint each state and country uses on their ID

  • OCR content recognition - Optical Character Recognition (OCR) refers to the information on the front of a government-issued driver’s license including the name, address, birthday, height, weight, issue date, and expiration date of the card.

  • MRZ content recognition - The Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) content is the alpha-numeric section of a government-issued passport that is located at the bottom of the document. Similar to barcode scanning, this MRZ content is used to decipher data using a global system to quickly identify a person’s personal information on a document.



The ID scanner isn’t working or saying “unverified”, what should I do?

To ensure that proper IDs are able to be verified here are a few steps that Knock recommends to start:

  • Improve Lighting - As with any type of digital photography, lighting plays a critical role in the process. It is always best to scan an ID in a well-lit area to ensure the camera is able to capture as much detail as possible.


  • Use a dark background - When possible, use a dark or highly-contrasted blank background to help the high-resolution cameras on the iPads focus on the document more quickly and accurately.


  • Reduce Movement - When scanning the document it’s important to maintain a motionless stance to ensure a crisp scan of document details. Knockstar tip - use both hands to hold the tablet and hold your elbows to your chest to ensure the least amount of movement possible.


  • Hold the iPad flat - A different angle may produce glare or hinder the scan from being completed.


  • Try again - Sometimes the first scan doesn’t pass. If this happens, try again and follow the steps above.

When these steps have been followed and the document is still unable to be verified, there are likely two reasons:

  1. The document has an issue that is causing it to not read and is unable to be verified.


  2. The document is counterfeit.



Does the ID scan validate the name from the ID to the name on the guest card?

After the leasing agent scans the ID, the next screen is the contact form for the guestcard. You need to ensure that the name on the ID matches the name on the guest card - this is to ensure that if the legal name of the visitor is different than how they submitted their lead information, then the agent can make updates on this page.



Under what circumstances will the ID scan not work?

Knock uses a globally trusted ID provider trusted by Experian, Paypal, Capitol One, Mastercard and many more to ensure the best quality service to our clients. There are certain instances where ID’s that are not invalid appear as “invalid”. Those instances may include, but are not limited to:

  • Smudging, scratches, or damage on critical components of OCR or MRZ information

  • Smudging, scratches, or damage on barcodes

  • Cracked or damaged plastic


What forms of ID’s are accepted?

Knock’s ID scanner is able to capture the OCR & MRZ information on government issued driver's-licenses from all 50 states and passports from nearly 200 countries.



How do I scan a passport?

To scan a passport, only the front page needs to be scanned. Open the passport booklet, hold as still as possible, and scan the front of the document.

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