Knock Tours Implementation Checklist

Knock's iOS app comes in two separate options: Knock Mobile and Knock Tours.


Knock Mobile is an extension of Knock's CRM platform built for on-the-go leasing teams to stay in communication with prospects and check off their to-do list regardless of where they are.


Knock Tours is a premium add-on package designed to turbocharge close rates with modern leasing enablement tools like ID Scanning, Live Video Tours, Sitemaps, Apartment Recommendations, and lots more!



Set up your visual content.

We will pull your pictures and video links into the app so the team can show them during tours. You will want to add pictures for your community, floorplans, and community logo. If you have video content in a URL format, you can include that too.



Add your fees and leasing information.

These will be accessible through the app as well. Areas to pay attention to are the deposit, application fee, online leasing link, current leasing specials and pet policy. Remember that your deposit field has to be only numbers, no letters or punctuation.




Don't forget about your amenities!

Let Knock help show your community's value. Check each amenity you offer on the account so it will represent on the app as well. If you have an amenity we don't have listed, build it as a custom amenity.




Do you offer live video tours?

The Tours edition app can include that too! Make sure it's set up in your system so your prospects get every option to view your community.



Turn it on!

This is a setting that your Knock team can help with. Reach out to your CSM or the Support team to activate it in your app.

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