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Getting prospects in the door is the first step to converting leads to leases! Increase your chances of getting those prospects to lease with Knock Tours.


Knock Tours gives you the details and content at your fingertips to reference during tours to add value and impact in real-time. Our ID scanning technology also ensures your prospects are qualified, and reduces the risk of invalid IDs. You can send quotes and property information to your prospect on the go! All of this is easily accessible from your Knock iOS application.


Alright, let's walk through it!


When you are on the app home page, select a prospect under Tours. From there, select Start Tour and it will activate our Tours program!


Meet and Greet

This is your time to verify information and ask the right questions to find the perfect options to tour with your prospect. Most of this information will be imported from the original guest card. Activate this module by hitting START.


  1. Move Date - When are they looking to move? Select a general timeframe (blank circles) or a specific date and then hit Next.


  2. Bedrooms and Bathrooms - This information should carry over from the original prospect profile, but if you need to add it or update it, simply click the circle next to their preference and select Next.


  3. Budget - What kind of budget is your prospect wanting to stay within? Use the drop and drag icon to adjust the budget to more accurately reflect their wants. Then select Next.


  4. Pets - Are there any 4 legged friends moving in too? You can select pet needs and reference the community's current pet policy here. When you are ready, hit Next.


  5. Contact Info - This is a great time to confirm the prospect's name, phone number and email. Don't forget to take advantage of the Send Link for SMS opt in! Do that before the tour to be able to text them your follow-up afterward.


  6. General tips - To add notes to the PMS Notes section on the Knock prospect card, click the notes icon in the top right corner of the screen. Any new notes will replace any current ones under PMS notes on the desktop. You can also use the Special Offer CTA to find the community's most recent specials and leasing information.


ID Verification

The next module will walk you through scanning your prospect's ID. You will also scan any additional companions. And it's super easy to do so!

  1. Click Start on the main module and then verify for the prospect.

  2. You will fit the ID in the scan box. Scan the front side until it's submitted. Then scan the back. When you see Verification Successful, the ID has been verified.

Once the ID is scanned, we will alert you to variances between the name on the prospect card and the scanned ID and if the ID is expired!

The last part of this module will allow you to update the prospect's basic info after scanning the ID. This is a great opportunity to adjust the name in cases like nicknames or using your middle name.

If you have companions with the prospect that want to tour with the group, you can click +Companion to include them. And if you ever need to reference a previous prospect's ID verification, you can do so on their prospect card via Contact Info!




Now it's time for the tour! Click Start on step 3.

  1. Based on the preferences you entered earlier, we will give you options that the prospect would love to see. Select all the units you would like to show them by clicking the clear circle and hit Next.


  2. While you are on the tour, you can mark their favorite by selecting the heart on that unit. This will help when you go to quote! You can even show different pictures and layouts by clicking on the unit in Tour Agenda. You will also have the leasing information to reference (fees, specials) at the top of the Tour Agenda page.



Alright, the tour is done, the prospect loves your community! The last step in Tours is to generate a quote for them, so they have the information needed to make the right decision for their new home. Just click Start.


You will be brought to a list of unit options for quotes. You can choose one of the following:

  1. The unit you toured

  2. Lowest Price

  3. Most Square Footage

  4. Best Value

  5. Highest Demand

Once you choose the unit, select Next.


Quote Preview

Knock tours will generate a quote preview to go over with the prospect. You can adjust the lease term and move-in date by selecting Use Custom Rate. When you are ready, you can send the quote to the prospect via email



Congrats! You've completed your tour via Knock's Tours app. Using Tours allows you to ask the right questions, show the right units, and provide the information your prospect needs. Just finish the tour by selecting END TOUR. You will be brought to their prospect profile, where you can take it from there and get that application!

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