Customize Knock IVR Greeting

Note: For an overview of how the Knock IVR system works, please read this article here.


Customizing your Knock tracking line audio greetings is fast and easy! Knock supports a separate greeting for prospects and residents, so if you’d like to use your own custom greetings, you should record audio for both caller types.


Option 1: Upload Greeting from Admin Dashboard

If you’d prefer to not record your audio files over the phone, you can upload a .wav audio file for both prospect and resident greetings.


Step 1:

Login to and go to Admin > Sources. At the top of the "Prospect Destination" and “Resident Destination” column for each community, you will see an Upload button (little pencil). Click on that button for whichever greeting you would like to update:

Screenshot 2023-11-18 at 2.34.01 PM.png

Note: Prospect and Resident greetings are separate files. Learn more about this in the overview here.


Step 2:

In the popup, click Upload New Recording:

Select the file from your computer, and click Open. We support mp3 and wav files.


Step 3:

When you are ready to save your new greeting for this community, click Save:


Note: You can click Revert to original if you want to revert back to the original default greeting.

✨Pro tip: If you want to hear what your new greeting sounds like on an actual phone, just type in your phone number in the Test via field and then click Test recording in call. This will place a call to the number you enter into this form and play your greeting once you answer the phone.


Option 2: Record Greeting via Phone

(For Onsite Leasing Teams)

Note: This option can only be performed if you are able to place calls from your prospect destination number. This option is only available to add a prospect greeting, and not for a resident greeting. Also, note that this option will be a reduced quality audio file compared with Option 1 where you can use a quality microphone.


Step 1:

In your leasing team Knock account, go to Account and Settings> Settings> Relays > Phone Relays:

For each marketing source, the first number you see is the tracking number and the second is the number it forwards to (usually the leasing office). 


Step 2:

To change your greeting, call your tracking number from the number it forwards to. So in the above example, you would pick up the leasing office phone line (206) 949-7334 and dial (206) 451-1689.

✨Pro Tip: Changing your greeting just once for one of these tracking numbers will update the greeting on all of your tracking numbers associated with your property.

Once you call the tracking number from the number it forwards to, you will hear instructions on recording your greeting. Follow the instructions to record and save your new greeting. If you don’t hear the instructions, make sure you’re calling from the community’s leasing office phone number.

Your new greeting will be the voice message for all of your Knock tracking numbers!

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