Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)

Dynamic number insertion is a great way to get the most accurate data from your lead tracking numbers!

Source attribution is determined based on the tracking number the prospect first calls in from.  But many times, the prospect finds your community from one source but contacts you through the second or third one they find you on.  That is where DNI comes into play.  By activating DNI on your property website, the Knock tracking number on the website will reflect where the prospect FIRST found you.  So if John Smith first sees your community on Zillow but calls you from the property website, the phone number on the website will show Zillow so the source will reflect accurately.  

To activate DNI, go to your Admin dashboard and go to the Doorway tab.  Copy the Knock tracking number currently on your property website.  It has to be exactly how it looks on your website!  Then paste it in the Formatted Number box and click the Dynamic number insertion button.   Please note that the property website has to have the Knock chatbot on it to allow DNI to track the prospect source. 



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