UTM Parameters

Knock creates guest cards and gives market source credit based on tracking phone numbers and email addresses that are embedded into your digital and physical marketing.  However, the prospect journey isn't always that simple!  Many times, prospects find your community on one source but contact you through another.  For example, a prospect might find you first on Zillow but contact you through your property website.  That is where the UTM parameters come into play!  This allows you to track these individuals and attribute their source (and first true touch point) as Zillow. 

UTM parameters are extra pieces of text that can easily be added to existing URLs or hyper linked buttons on your sources in order to track digital movement.  And the setup is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


1. Go to your Admin dashboard!

2. Click on the View Google Docs Spreadsheet hyperlink

3. Choose the market source you want to start tracking and copy the corresponding link from column E.  Give this code to that ILS partner to put in the URL and that's it!

Please note that to use the UTM codes, the property website listed has to have the Knock Chatbot located on it. 

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