How to change your Tour time

Need to change the time of a tour appointment? It's simply a matter of selecting it on the calendar and dragging it! Click and hold on the middle of the tour appointment of interest:


Holding the mouse clicked on the appointment, drag it to the desired time/day. If you want to move it to a week outside of the current week, simply switch the view of the calendar to "Month" at the top right, and you can drag appointments between weeks.


After dragging your appointment to its new time, you will be asked to confirm the change:

Screenshot 2023-11-18 at 11.40.21 AM.png

Once you click Confirm the appointment has officially been moved:

Screenshot 2023-11-18 at 11.40.46 AM.png


This means the renter will receive a notification of the change:

Screenshot 2023-11-18 at 11.41.33 AM.png

You can also click and hold the bottom of a tour appointment and drag it to make it longer or shorter. It will ask me to Confirm and then the change is made! Renters will not be notified via text if you change the length of their appointment, only if you change the start time.

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