Base Report off Business Days

Knock Analytics provides a vast amount of information and now you can drill in to make it as accurate as possible!  The "base report off business days" filter now located on the Response Time and Engagement Score report filters out days that the office is closed.  


For both of these reports, all you need to do is click the filter button.  That will filter out all days that the location's office is closed.  This filter is only active when selected and does not reflect on the Daily/Weekly snapshot reporting automated by the Knock team and sent to admin users.  


For the Response Time report specifically, if you activate the filter and the team responds to a lead in off hours, the lead will fall under Immediate.


This filter works great with our save/share function!  If you build a report using that filter, save it under My Reports, and set it to automatically generate an email, it will continue to be included.  


To ensure that the hours are up to date, go to the Admin Dashboard, under the Knockbot tab.  The hours in there are where we use for that filter. 




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