Edit Community And Floorplans


Need to update the floor plans? Floorplans not showing correctly?

Using this article will help teach you how to edit community or floor plans within Knock. 


On the Leasing Binder page, you will see the option to Edit Community or Edit Floor plan:


Edit Community Info:

When you click the Edit Community button, this will take you to edit all community info and photos. All of this information will apply to all of your floor plans that are attached to this community. This is the place to put all your community-wide information, videos, and photos.


To add a video URL, copy and paste the URL to the red circle.

To add photos, simply drag them from your computer to the blue circle box that says Drag and drop or click here to browse...:

To add a logo, simply drag the image to the green circle box.


Note again that this is the place for all community photos-the building, fitness center, lobby, common areas, roof-deck, etc. If you have photos of specific floor plans, we will add those later. When your photo has been successfully added, a green check mark will appear below it, as in the above^. To remove a photo, click the X in the top right corner of the photo. To reorder them, click and hold to drag them one by one in the order you prefer.


Next are amenities! Check the boxes of any amenities your community has. If your community has amenities that aren't on our list, you can add a custom amenity by clicking +Add below the appropriate section, typing your amenity name, and then Save.



Finally, there is the leasing information. For lease length, check all that apply, and if there are additional options or things to note, add them to the "leasing notes" section. The leasing specials will filter to your chatbot directly.

Under application instructions, include the URL to where renters can apply and any other instructions, and renters will receive these instructions if they want to apply!



When you've entered in all the information, you can click Save Community on the left to save your community.


Edit Floor plan Info:

When you click Edit Floor plan, it will take you to the editing page for that specific photos. This is where you want to add any floor plan specific description, including video URLs or photos. The square footage, beds/baths, and floor plan name all populate from your PMS system if any of those are incorrect, you'll want to update them in your PMS.



When you are done adding/editing photos and a description, click Save Progress. This will update any active ads associated with this floor plan with the new info!

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