Adding Prospects To A Waitlist

Sometimes a prospect is looking for something we just don't have yet!  They want a 1 bedroom but we are sold out for the next 2 months. Maybe they are looking for May but it's January.  If you run into this situation, Knock offers a great search filter that helps you keep track of all these types of prospects!  The waitlist!


The waitlist option gives you the ability to add an additional filter on the Prospect tab to help quickly identify people waiting for the exact perfect home.  To activate this, simply click the waitlist button on their prospect profile and hit save. 


Once that's done, if you go to the prospect tab, you can filter just the prospects under the Waitlist by choosing "Waitlist only".  This will pull a list of only those leads you marked as waitlist.  Remember, this will only affect the filter options.  The lead will still fall under the same follow up prompts and expectations.  You may want to utilize the follow up button to schedule a follow up further down the road.  And remember to include the move in date and bedrooms desired to better market to your waitlist!


This Waitlist option is a Knock internal function and will not transfer to any PMS waitlist.

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