Set and Monitor Benchmarks in Knock Insights

Knock Insights is a comprehensive snapshot to your portfolio's performance lead management.  With customizable benchmarks, Knock Insights identifies opportunities for operational improvement that can directly impact your NOI!


Knock Insights always you to monitor multiple metrics including engagement, responsiveness, prospect to leases, leads to prospects, prospect to visits, visits to leases, and follow-ups.  To build out your perfect dashboard, you can adjust a few different things with the settings gear: 

  1. Which report cards you want to monitor.

  2. The order they show on your dashboard.

  3. The benchmark you want to challenge your teams to achieve. 

Once your dashboard is set, you can start to use the data to identify small problems before they become BIG problems!  Based on your date range, Knock Insights will give you period over period gains or losses in progress.  Current will show the site's current metric.  Previous will show the last date range's score.  You can see if it was a gain towards the goal with a green %, loss with a red %.  

To drill down into the individual sites' performance, click the tile.  This will pull the individual property scores and allow you to see which properties are meeting their goals and which aren't.  You can generate lists for "Below Goal" or "Show All".  Filter your sites with the drill down on the right and sort the lists by the headers. 

Use the filter and header sort options to identify key trends. 

  1. Recognize your leaders in the portfolio with sites categorized as "Knockstar".  They have met your benchmarks for at least the last two time periods. 

  2. Catch early issues by sorting by performance and drilling into New Issues.  These will be sites that recently dropped under the benchmark.  

  3. Sites classified as "Underperforming" have been under your benchmarks for the last 2 time periods.  Quickly see if they are making gains towards your goal or falling further behind by sorting by header Change.  

  4. Encourage your teams that have crossed the threshold and who's performance is "Improved"!  They have finally met your benchmark for the current time period.  Root them on to meet those goals to next week and earn the title Knockstar!

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