Monitor Benchmarks in Knock Insights

Knock Insights is a comprehensive snapshot to your portfolio's performance lead management.  With customizable benchmarks, Knock Insights identifies opportunities for operational improvement that can directly impact your NOI!  Knock Insights allows you to monitor multiple metrics including engagement, responsiveness, prospect to leases, leads to prospects, prospect to visits, visits to leases, and follow-ups. 


Knock Insights Snapshot:



With this snapshot you can immediately start to use the data to identify small problems before they become BIG problems!  Based on your date range, Knock Insights will give you period over period gains or losses in progress.  Current will show the site's current metric.  Previous will show the last date range's score.  You can see if it was a gain towards the goal with a green %, loss with a red %.  Here is brief description of what each tile contains:


Engagement: Average property engagement over the selected date range.

Responsiveness: Average percentage of prospects responded to in under one hour.

Lead to Prospect: Percentage of leads that remain prospects.

Prospect to Visit: Percentage of prospects that visit your properties.

Visit to Lease: Percentage of visitors that sign a lease.

Prospect to Lease: Percentage of prospects that sign a lease.

Ad Spend: Current average of Ad Spend dollars spent per lease.

Follow-ups: Number of follow-ups per prospect over selected date range.

Occupancy: Current average of units occupied.


Individual Stats:


To drill down into the individual sites and agents performance, click the desired tile.  This will pull the individual property scores and allow you to see which properties are meeting their goals and which aren't.

Each tile will have links to more extensive information, including expanded reports that go well beyond the basics.




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