Build and Send Custom Reports

Knock Analytics is a vast wealth of knowledge! With our save and send feature now located on each report, you can build out a report with the exact filters you want and save it to access later.

Additionally, you can set these saved reports to email to your team, peers, or boss automatically.


To Build a Report


  1. Log into Knock Analytics from your Knock account or the URL  

  2. Choose which report you want to build off of and enter the filters you would like to use.  

    Once it's built out, select the star to save the reports to My Reports


3.  The report will now be available under My Reports.

In My Reports, you can

            A. Populate the report by selecting the report name.
            B. Delete the report from My Reports by selecting the trash can, after clicking on the report.

            C. Sort the reports by name, base reports, date created, and scheduled.




4. In My Reports, you can also search for a specific report using the search bar on the top left and filter through the reports with the drill-down option.


Here's a look at the filters that you can modify on your report.

  • You can change the Frequency to Daily, Weekly, and Monthly
  • Add Recipients
  • Add a subject
  • Add attachments PDF and CSV
  • And turn it on/off on the toggle on the right of the Schedule title





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