Loss Reasons Report

Knock's Loss Reasons report is a great way to understand why your prospects are not choosing to rent at your properties. It includes details around why the prospects didn't lease at your property over a date range with some other ways of slicing the data. Here is a glossary for all the data points in the report. We'll also outline below what all the filters will do to the report to make sure everything is crystal clear!







Loss Reason: The loss reason selected by the leasing team. This helps better understand why certain prospects opted out of leasing at your property.
Count: The number of prospects that claimed this loss reason.
Percentage: The percentage of prospects that claimed this as the reason they chose not to lease.





Date range: Defaulted to Last 7 Days. Filters the report down to those that were lost to those prospects that were lost in this date range.
Properties: Defaulted to All Properties. This is a multi-select for what properties you'd like data for. You can also quickly select all properties by clicking the "Select all" link above the box.

Sources: This is a multi select field that you can select sources to trim your results. For example, if you wanted to see all your property's loss reasons from the Property Website source, you can select property website in this field to get that view.
Contacts: The contact type the lead originated from - for example, call or email. This can filter down to why certain contact types are not leasing which may be different from other contact types.
Agents: You can filter down to one or many agents for the report to see if certain agents are choosing different loss reasons and diagnose any issues there.


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