Call Log

Knock's Call Log is an easy way to quickly comb through your call recordings for listening and auditing purposes. This includes resident and prospect phone calls.




Property: The property that you would like to audit calls for. This is a single select, you can only choose one property at a time to view.  Will default to first property on accounts property list.

Date range:  The date range for the calls that you'd like to inspect. Will default to 7 days.

Caller Type: This is the type of call to view. It is a multi select, so you can view multiple different types of calls in the same view of the report. The types are:

  • First Time (default): The first incoming call from the prospect.
  • Resident: Any resident phone call.
  • Return Call: A call after the first from the prospect.



Name: The name of the prospect for the call recording.

Type: This is the type of call. This will help you understand how different call types are performing.

Date/Time: The date and time of the call recording.

Recording: The recording itself. Simply click the play button to listen!

Call Duration: How long the call recording was.


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