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Knock's Response Time report is a great way to better understand the speed at which your properties respond to prospects when they are created. It includes details around how quickly as well as if a response is even needed (sometimes Knock does the heavy lifting for you!). Here is a glossary for all the data points in the report. We'll also outline below what all the filters and options will do to the report to make sure everything is crystal clear!


Report Fields

First field (Group by field): By default this is Property as the first field. This will change depending on what you group by. More details on the "Group by" functionality below!
Response Time Fields: The next fields will simply show you the number of prospects (and percentage) that were responded to in that bucket, excluding earlier times. For example, the < 30m bucket includes leads that were responded to longer than 5 minutes and under 30 minutes, as five minutes is the bucket before that. Additionally, there are two fields here that have special meanings. The Immediate response time field includes prospects that were responded to in < 1 minute, those that self scheduled tours, or the prospect's first call was answered. The N/A bucket shows the number of leads where this calculation is not possible. This includes walk-ins and those leads that Knock imported from the Integration system (Yardi, RealPage, etc.). To understand the total number of leads that were responded to in the time below 30 minutes (for example) you'd add the 30 minute column, the 5 minute column, and the Immediate column.


Report Options

Date range: The date range for the report.
Properties: This is a multi-select for what properties you'd like data for. You can also quickly select all properties by clicking the "Select all" link above the box.
Group by: This is the real power of the report. By default the report is grouped by Property. However, you have the following items that you can group it by to get a different perspective on your traffic and outcomes:




  • The default setting, this will group your results by the property.



  • This will group the results by the marketing source. This is super powerful, as you can look across multiple properties to understand how a particular marketing source is being responded to.

Source Attribute


  • This will group by the type of lead source. For example, ILS for sites like, Social Media for Facebook, etc.



  • This will group the report by the method in which the lead was created. This could be things like Email, Call, SMS, etc. This will help you understand whether a certain lead medium is getting responded to more quickly than others.



  • This will group by leasing agent so that you can diagnose which agent may have issues responding promptly.



  • This will group the report by the status of the lead. You can see if your team is less responsive to leads in different stages of the funnel.



  • You can group your results by custom attribute. This could be items like Regional Manager, State, etc. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you'd like to set this up!



  • This will group the report by day of week. This is great to understand if leads created on Tuesdays have a better response time than those created on Sundays and can drive staffing and other decisions.



  • The Hour grouping will help you understand based on hour of day that the lead was created how they are being responded to.

Sources: This is a multi select field that you can select sources to trim your results.
Contacts: You can trim the results based on first contact type, for example call or email.
Agents: This will allow you to audit individual teammate's response times.
Statuses: You can filter based on the status of the prospect to trim the results down.
Weekday: You can filter based on the day of week the prospect was created to trim the results down.
Hour: You can filter based on the hour of the day the prospect was created to trim the results down.
Base response times off business hours: This option will respect the office hours of your location and not count those against your team in their response time. This will help you better understand how your team is doing within office hours. It's valuable to look at without as well, however, as that can tell you information about whether or not you need to change your office hours. The office hours are set in the Knock Admin in the Doorway tab.  If you use this filter when doing a Save/Share report, it will continue to reflect in that specific saved report.
Include non-prospects: Checking this option will include leads that were marked as "not a prospect" if you'd like a broader view at your traffic.
Sort by percentage: This checkbox will help you when you sort high to low to rather than by total number to the percentage of total. This is helpful when you've got a small property against a big one to tell how they're doing relative to each other.
By attributes: If you select all properties you'll see a link that says "By attributes". Clicking that will change the dropdown to reflect any custom attributes you've assigned to your properties. This could be attributes like Regional Manager or State. If you would like to set these up but don't have them already be sure to reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Show Cumulative: If you select this, each section will include all the leads from the previous sections. For example, if you click <1hr, it will include the total lead count of the immediate <5m, <30m and the <1hr columns. This is to help you understand the total leads for a certain time frame.


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