Updating Your Signature And Response Templates

We understand, you are not always at your desk to respond to a new prospect or resident message - and often, with Knock's self scheduling tool, appointments are booked automatically. No need to worry, Knock is built around this type of automation, including how you respond to communication and tour confirmations!

With your built in templated responses, anytime a prospect or resident reaches out via email or text, they will receive a message from your team to ensure they are not left in the dark 💡 

While Knock creates these templates as a default, you have the ability to customize and adjust these at will! In order to do so follow these simple steps:


1. In your main Knock account, or personal profile, head to your "Toolbox" tab on the lower left hand panel.


2. Once inside of this panel - you will choose the "Templates" option at the top of the screen.


3. From here you have the ability to adjust your signatures (blue box), allowing you provide preferred details on your contact information and text message signatures!


✨Pro Tip: Knock will automatically include the site's name, address and website (blue circle) so you won't want to include those in your email signature (red circle).


4. On this page you are also able to adjust and change your templated auto responses based on certain events - like text messages...



...or scheduled appointments 📆 


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