Pre-screening Criteria

Pre-screening criteria is super helpful for high-traffic areas or anytime you feel frustrated by appointments in which renters who tour tell you later that they do not qualify and both of your time is wasted.

To set up pre-screening, click on the circle in the top right corner of the user dashboard and navigate to Account > Preferences. From there, you can scroll down to the Pre-screening requirements section.

Here you can toggle on and off whichever prescreening criteria you want. For monthly income, you can use the slider to adjust the multiple to whatever your income requirement is. If you want to add your custom prescreening question, select + Add custom requirement:

From here you can enter your own yes/no question and select whether the desired response is yes/no. If you want to include a link, follow the example below. When you are done click Done. When you are done with all of your prescreening preferences, make sure to click Save at the bottom right:

Let's say I have the above settings on. Here's what a renter would see before they can book a tour online:

🚨PLEASE NOTE: The prospect will not be able to book their tour unless they appropriately answer the required questions set by your property.🚨

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