Can I Change The Number We Call Out From

Why yes, you can!  We get it, you have a lot of follow up to do and sometimes it's hard to call out when a coworker is doing the same thing.  A good way to make this easier is to give different people different call out numbers.   That way, everyone can call prospects at the same time!

The first thing you need to do is update your account's call out number.  Go to the Admin dashboard and under User, edit that specific user's phone number.

Once this is done, whenever you call a prospect, that number will be the one that rings.  Remember though, when you log in each morning, you need to go to Log Out and change the Use Knock As to your name before you do follow up.  That's how you can use that specific number!  A great way to tell is if your name is on the top left of the screen. 

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