How can I improve my prospect to visit conversion?

As leasing agents, our goal is to convert leads to leases.  But it all starts with the tour!  We have to get prospects through our door so we can show them how amazing our community is!  If your team is struggling to move the needle on your prospect to visit conversion, read on!


What is our prospect to visit conversion?

You can find this in your Analytics dashboard under the Conversion report.  The Prospect > Visit shows the amount of tours during that time frame divided by the total number of prospects.  Remember that prospects do not include leads marked as Not A Prospect.  


How can we improve this?

Great question!  There are a couple things you can do to help with this. 


  1. Make sure your self scheduling is turned on with an accurate hours schedule.  You can do this in Knock under Account > Preferences. 

  2. Do you have self scheduling links online?  You can add these links to Facebook or Google so prospects can self schedule while shopping online!  Find these in the Admin dashboard under Sources > Google Doc.  

  3. Is the team marking non leads as Not A Prospect or using lost?  You don't want to be held accountable for guest cards that aren't looking for an apartment.  In Knock under Prospects > Status Lost, you can use the lead carousel to flip through and view all the leads marked as lost recently.  

  4. Make sure the team is documenting tours and walk ins accurately.  To get credit for that activity, you have to document the tour in Knock by selecting Walk In or Appointment.  If it's not in Knock, it didn't happen!

  5. Are we losing them on the phone?  Maybe we are missing a lot of incoming calls so instead of giving them the information the prospect wants immediately, we play phone tab with them.  Check for this on the Calls report.  You can see how many calls are going to voicemail or missed all together!  

  6. Give them the details!  When we first speak with a prospect, are we getting them excited about the community to tour?  You can listen back to all incoming first calls or return calls under the Call Log.  If you'd like to look through email communication, check the Conversion report with Contact as email.  When you select on the Prospect hyper link, you can look through all the different emails you sent prospects created by an email.  You can find opportunities to improve developing a sense of urgency with the prospects here. 

  7. Beef up your emails!  Knock offers unit and community links that you can send via email.  These links not only tell the prospect why your community is amazing but has a call to action for them to self schedule a tour.  You can find this on the prospect's profile under Email > Current Availability

  8. Are your ILSs sending you disqualified or uninterested traffic?  You can check what the loss reasons are for specific ILSs on the Loss Reasons report.  Just drill into the specific sources on the Sources drop down and check for key loss reasons.  If you see a high disqualified return, maybe you need to adjust the ad or your ad package.  Maybe this is an ILS you don't want to continue to use further. 

  9. Are you documenting self guided and live video tours accurately? These should count as visits in Knock so if you aren't documenting them in Knock, you won't get create for them! Click here to learn more about live tours. Click here for self guided tours.

Between all of you rockstar leasing team members and Knock, your visits are going to increase in no time!  Happy leasing!

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